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5th Grade Spirit Wear Competition

The Rio Del Mar Parent Alliance invites all 5th Graders to enter our 2023 T-shirt Design Contest!

The winning design will be printed onto T-shirts and Sweatshirts over the summer and will be ready for Rio students, staff and parents to purchase at the beginning of the 2023-2024 year. T-shirt designs will include the school year and school name. We plan to run this competition annually, giving incoming 6th graders a chance to design a new shirt for their graduation year!

Here are some guidelines to help make your design a top contender!

  • Know your design - Don’t forget that it will be on a shirt - what will your design look like at that size?

  • Make it fresh - Can you come up with something new and exciting that we haven't seen before?

  • Keep it simple - Your design can make a big impact without being super detailed.

  • Get your message across - What does RDM Elementary mean to you?

  • Don’t overload

    • Stick to 3-4 colors

    • Great colors and minimal text will create an amazing T-shirt.

  • Include a space for the school name and year (2023-2024)

  • Keep copyrights in mind - While it can be fun to use recognizable images, make sure you have the legal right to use them.

Artwork production guidelines

Students can work on it at home, and there will also be time to work on it in art class with Ms. Long.

The deadline for submissions is May 1st. The winner will be announced at the last school assembly of the year. Please direct all questions to RDMPA president, Laura Mottram.


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