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Halloween Guidelines

We are looking forward to celebrating Halloween with our amazing students on Monday, October 31st. Here are some school guidelines to make this Halloween fun, safe, and memorable.

  • Rio's Halloween Parade is back! Details on the time of the parade will be coming soon. Parents are welcome to attend. We will have a special parade for our kindergartners, as it can be quite overwhelming for our little ones.

  • If your child plans to dress up for Halloween, please have them wear their costume to school. If your child needs to change out of their costume please have them wear clothes underneath so it is a quick change that can be done in the classroom. It is very difficult to monitor bathrooms for full outfit changes.

  • Costumes should be age and school appropriate with no weapons, not even plastic weapons. If a child has a mask as part of their costume, it can be worn only during our Halloween parade. We like to see our students' eyes and know exactly who is on our campus. We also do not want our youngest students to be scared so please be very mindful of costumes that are appropriate for 5 year old eyes and imaginations.

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