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Site Council Updates

The Rio Del Mar Site Council is a committee of parents and school staff members that meet throughout the year to review current happenings and determine school goals. For example, we dive into student achievement, academic growth, school culture, health & safety, and parent engagement. The goals we set become part of the school Site Plan, which grounds us in the action steps needed to continue to move Rio forward.

By attending site council meetings you get to hear directly from the school principal and staff about important issues and offer feedback. Site Council is also the place to bring your own concerns and hopes for Rio. Suggested topics for this year’s Site Council include:

  • reviving the school garden space

  • reintroducing field trips for all grades

  • revamping the little blue playground

  • introducing safe bike lanes

Site Council meets a minimum of 5 times a year, online on the last Tuesday of the month. If you’re interested in learning more please join us on September 27th for the first meeting of the school year.

Site Council is currently recruiting a new president and committee members. Please email the outgoing president, Lauren Wall, for more information.


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